Dutch designers launch world’s first foldable electric scooter

Sustainability, innovative transport and Dutch design come together in a new moped called GiGi, the world’s first foldable electric scooter, according to its creators.

About the GiGi eScooter

Weighing 30 kg, the compact scooter can travel up of 25 kilometres per hour and recharges within three hours from a standard power outlet.

According to Stijn Enneking, Managing Director of GiGi, the foldable scooter is perfect for city dwellers, "Because you can fold the wheel, it takes up less space than a bicycle. And because you can just store Gigi in the hallway it is not constantly exposed to the weather or vandals. That also helps enormously with insurance."

Thinking differently about travel

The GiGi is designed as a sustainable mobility solution providing quick and cheap transport wherever you need it.

Thanks to its simple power source and compact size, the GiGi can be used in all aspects of life, from commuting to work to weekend activities and while on holiday. The folded scooter is small enough to easily take on the train and metro, or to stash in the car boot or on a boat.

How it works

The Gigi can travel 25 to 30 km on a full battery. On a full charge the scooter can travel at top speed for an hour.

It takes three steps and five seconds to fold the GiGi. Thanks to the ingenious folding system the scooter can be compacted down to the size of a suitcase, with a height of 84cm, length of 73cm and width of 33cm.

No emissions

In response to government policies that increasingly focus on reducing emissions, especially in inner cities, the new electric scooter emits no harmful substances.

GiGi foldable electric scooter

Dutch design strikes again

In true Dutch spirit the scooter was produced by the same product designers who created the Heineken BeerTender 2 beer keg.

The GiGi cooperative was founded in 2012 and is based on a business partnership between C10 Design & Development, Enneking & Co. and an American investor.

Buy or lease a GiGi

The new scooter costs 3995 euros and can be ordered directly online. It’s available in four colours: white, black, mint green and chili red. Custom colours are also possible for a price of 4249 euros.

The scooter comes with a 400 watt lithium-ion battery, a more powerful battery is also available that can extend the battery range up to 40 km.

The GiGi can also be leased for a monthly amount.

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