Spring weather is finally on its way to the Netherlands

Spring weather is finally on its way to the Netherlands

The Dutch spring weather began with a false start, as temperatures rose to around 15C to 16C only to fall back down to freezing point and invite snow back into the country the following weekend. It’s safe to say that so far the Dutch spring hasn’t been very warm, with March being colder than January, but now, after the Easter holiday, spring weather is finally on its way.

Rising temperatures in the Netherlands

This week promises to be a pleasant one in terms of temperatures, and it’s about time! According to Weerplaza, on Wednesday, we can expect maximum temperatures of around 15C. However, the pleasant temperature on Wednesday does not mean it will be sunny too. Rain spells are forecasted.

On Thursday, a dip in temperature is anticipated, with highs of only 11C due to the changing wind direction. Despite the temporary dip in temperature on Thursday, there is a silver lining, as from this day onwards the rest of the week is likely to stay dry.  Friday is the day we’ve been waiting for, as the southern breeze coming from Spain starts to push temperatures up.

Friday will feature frequent sunny spells and temperatures will rise to approximately 14C, but it is on Saturday and Sunday that it will feel like it is finally spring, with temperatures of between 17C to 22C. Temperatures on Saturday are particularly perfect for a stroll around Westergasfabriek and a visit to the IamExpat Fair.

Is spring here to stay?

Weerplaza predicts that the warm temperatures expected coming weekend may stay until Monday, after which temperatures will fall slightly. Of course, weather predictions are not always accurate, but here’s hoping that this one is and good weather is coming our way!

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