Spring is coming to the Netherlands

Spring is coming to the Netherlands

With the freezing cold weather of the past weeks and the coldest start to spring in the Netherlands ever, which fortunately gave us the chance to go ice-skating, it is hard to believe that this weekend spring weather is coming our way.

Warm weather in the Netherlands

According to Weerplaza, the cold weather and ice will have vanished this weekend and spring weather can be felt all over the country. Temperatures of 11C to 16C can be expected, and in the southeast of the Netherlands the temperature may even reach 17C.

In North-Brabant and Limburg, temperatures of 15C to 16C are forecast; however, in the North of the Netherlands it will probably be a slightly cooler 11C to 13C. These temperatures are above the usual 8C to 9C common for this time of year.

Despite the warmer than usual temperatures, no temperature records are expected to be broken. The current record temperature for March 11 is 17,5C, and four years ago temperatures on March 10 reached a summery 20C in some parts of the country.

Dutch sunshine scarce

Even though the warm temperatures mean that your winter coat may not be necessary, a raincoat might be a good idea. The skies will unfortunately not be blue this weekend, instead they will be covered with clouds and showers are likely on both Saturday and Sunday. Luckily, the sun will make an appearance, peaking through the clouds now and then.

Saturday will be the best day in terms of temperature this weekend, as Sunday will be slightly cooler. So, if you are planning on sitting outside and enjoying the weather Saturday may be the best choice. Also be aware that the temperature will cool down quickly in the evening, so staying out into the late evening without a jacket may not be pleasant.


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