Soon you’ll check in on public transport with your phone or debit card

Soon you’ll check in on public transport with your phone or debit card

By this summer, you will no longer need to have your OV-chipkaart to travel on Dutch public transport - instead, you’ll be able to check in using a contactless credit or debit card, or your smartphone

Contactless payments on Dutch public transport

In 2021, as the OV-chipkaart celebrated its 10th birthday, Translink -  the company that runs and operates the OV-chipkaart across the Netherlands - announced that travellers would soon be able to pay for their public transport journeys using their debit card, credit card, or smartphone

Over the coming years, the OV-chipkaart will be fully replaced by a brand new system, OVpay, which bosses say could be introduced as early as October 2022. The first step to abolishing the old system will see new technology that allows travellers to check in without using their trusty OV-chipkaart. 

Goodbye OV-chipkaart, hello OVpay!

The new technology is currently on trial in Lelystad and Gooi en Vechstreek, but should be launched on all GVB transportation in Amsterdam before the summer.

Victoria Séveno


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stephenCostanzo2 09:52 | 28 June 2022

This is great until your phone dies. Id rather just stick with my ov card