PostNL wants to change delivery target from 24 hours to 3 days

PostNL wants to change delivery target from 24 hours to 3 days

PostNL, the Dutch postal service, has announced that it wants mail regulations to be changed so that deliveries can take place within three days instead of within 24 hours. This comes after the company has faced challenges with declining mail volumes, increasing costs, changing consumer demands and labour market shortages. 

PostNL not reaching delivery requirements

The regulations for mail delivery in the Netherlands require standard mail to be delivered within 24 hours 95 percent of the time. PostNL was not able to reach this target in the last quarter of 2023, where one in five letters were delivered late. For this reason, the postal service has suggested transitioning toward a service level where standard mail can be delivered within two days, and eventually within three days. 

This is already implemented in other European countries and could, according to PostNL, secure the financial viability of the Dutch postal service and reduce the strain on the limited number of employees. For these changes to take place, the Dutch government would have to adjust the legal requirements for mail in the Netherlands

PostNL says priority delivery would be offered at a higher price

Some mail could still be delivered within 24 hours if the new regulations are put through. The Dutch postal service would still offer priority delivery, but this would be set at a higher price than standard delivery.  

According to PostNL, with reduced mail volumes there is less need for next-day deliveries and this requires change. “We strongly believe the time has come to transform the delivery framework to better fit the needs of our customers and consumers and the current labour market,” stated PostNL CEO Hernia Verhagen in a press release.

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