Over a hundred flights delayed or cancelled at Schiphol due to snow

Over a hundred flights delayed or cancelled at Schiphol due to snow

Passengers leaving from Schiphol have faced delays and cancellations today as the airport battles ice, hail and snow on the runways. Though the snow overnight was not especially heavy in many areas, there is still a country-wide Code Yellow weather warning in place for ice and snow. 

Schiphol cancelled several flights on Monday night

On Monday night, KLM cancelled flights departing from Amsterdam to London, Copenhagen and Berlin, among other destinations, while Transavia saw a number of its flights diverted to Eelde Airport in Groningen. These passengers were then taken from Groningen by bus down to Schiphol. According to the AD, Transavia has said it expects delays throughout Tuesday. 

The weather is expected to remain cold for the remainder of the week, with temperatures forecast to rise from January 22. For the time being, many Dutch cities can expect to see ice, hail and snow as the Code Yellow warning remains in place. 

Code Yellow extended to include Wednesday in some Dutch provinces

In the Dutch provinces of Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel and Limburg, the Code Yellow weather warning will remain in place for all of Wednesday. In southern Limburg, it is expected to snow for a long time on Wednesday morning, with the KNMI predicting that as much as 5 to 10 centimetres of snowfall could be possible. 

Weather reporter Floris Lafeber, from Weerplaza, told the AD: "There is currently an area of ​​precipitation coming our way via France. The cold area continues across Belgium where a border will emerge. It will snow on the north side, and rain on the south side. The snow showers will then move across our country over the south of Limburg. It can really turn white there.” 

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