OMT recommends tougher restrictions to stop spread of Omicron

OMT recommends tougher restrictions to stop spread of Omicron

The latest advice from the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) on Friday afternoon recommends that the Dutch government introduce additional, tougher coronavirus restrictions in order to limit the spread of Omicron in the Netherlands

New rules needed to halt spread of Omicron in the Netherlands

This week, Health Minister Hugo de Jonge already warned the public and MPs that additional restrictions may be on the way before Christmas. Now, it seems as though cabinet ministers and health experts may need to meet to discuss a potential tightening of the rules over the coming few days. 

Sources have reported to NOS that the OMT is "very concerned about the rapid spread of Omicron," and that action has to be taken quickly. 

It is not yet clear what these measures could involve. NOS reports that the next coronavirus press conference is expected to take place early next week. Earlier this week, De Jonge and Prime Minister Mark Rutte extended the evening lockdown until the new year in the hopes it would limit the spread of COVID-19 over the Christmas holidays.

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