NS asks travellers to register train journeys in advance to limit crowds

NS asks travellers to register train journeys in advance to limit crowds

Using Treinwijzer, a new feature on the Dutch Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen, NS) app, the railway company is asking all travellers to register their planned journeys in advance, so they can more easily track busyness and limit crowds. 

Use Treinwijzer to log and plan your trips

According to the rail company, this new system is designed to help NS travellers plan their journeys, keeping in mind the realities of the ongoing coronavirus crisis and helping them to avoid busy services. In a press release, they say: “Travellers can... gain more insight into the expected crowds in the train and receive an alert if their train seems to be getting busier or is cancelled.”

NS also hopes that this new system will reassure people across the Netherlands that they can indeed travel safely by train: “We know from research that there are now travellers who choose a different mode of transport for fear of crowds, although travelling by train can be done safely and comfortably.”

The Treinwijzer function in the NS app is available from Wednesday, November 11, and NS are encouraging all train travellers to make use of it as much as possible - but they do note that registering your trip is not mandatory, merely recommended. While the country may currently be in lockdown, NS anticipates their new registration system will become even more vital and valuable once the Netherlands comes out of lockdown and people travelling to work, school, or to visit friends and family again. 

NS increases ticket prices in 2021

NS also announced this week that, from January 1, 2021, their (season) ticket prices would increase by an average of 1,5 percent. The price increase is a correction based on the 2021 expected inflation rate. 

Rates for second-class travel will increase by an average of 1,5 percent, while rates for first-class travel will increase by an average of 2,6 percent, as NS has not adjusted these prices since 2018. The price for international travel will also increase, but “only” by 1 percent, in an attempt to continue to offer rail travel as a viable alternative to flying.

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