The Netherlands ranks 4th in Networked Readiness Index

The Netherlands has been awarded fourth place out of 144 countries worldwide in the Networked Readiness Index, as part of the World Economic Forum's (WEF) 12th annual Global Information Technology Report.

Improvements in many areas

Climbing two places in the ranking since last year, the Netherlands has shown improvements in many different areas of concern for the index, allowing for the country to occupy its highest position in the index since it was first recorded.

When it comes to internet penetration and competition within the telephone market the Netherlands is top of the pack, and a positioning as second in the world when it comes to the number of household with their own computer, the accessibility of digital content and the security of that content, is not to be sniffed at.

Considering that around forty percent of Dutch businesses use social media, the fact that the country is placed third in the world for social network use is logical but impressive. The Netherlands was also awarded maximum points in the United Nations’ E-Participation Index.

ICT usage

The index itself was designed in order to assess how nations use ICT for the promotion of their business competitiveness and the general social well-being of their populations.

Just last year the Netherlands was ranked as the sixth most advanced ICT economy in the world, so while this latest ranking shouldn't come as a surprise, it will be a welcome reminder of the strides taken in ICT investment in the country throughout the past decade.

Top 5 countries in the Network Readiness Index

1. Finland
2. Singapore
3. Sweden
4. The Netherlands
5. Norway

Source: Erasmus University Rotterdam

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