Looking for an expat-friendly Dutch health insurance policy?

Looking for an expat-friendly Dutch health insurance policy?


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Would you rather not pay the 385 euros compulsory excess costs (eigen risico) in addition to your monthly premiums? As an intermediary, LoonZorg offers a unique health insurance policy from HollandZorg, specially created for expats in the Netherlands, without the eigen risico.

Mandatory "eigen risico"

In 2021, everyone must pay the first 385 euros of their healthcare expenses out of their own pocket. This amount is not covered by the mandatory Dutch health insurance or basisverzekering.

This deductible excess amount is known as your compulsory excess or eigen risico. However, as an expat, you can sign up for the HollandZorg policy, which exempts you from paying the annual excess of 385 euros. 

So, how does it work? The HollandZorg special rates are based on the fact that the average healthcare consumption of expats is lower than that of Dutch citizens, because they live in the Netherlands for a shorter time.

No-Risk policy: No more "eigen risico"

This No-Risk policy is only available to expats and their expat partners, and has a monthly premium of 112 euros (2021 premium). The only two eligibility requirements for this special insurance policy are that:

  • You have a foreign (non-Dutch) passport
  • You are (or your expat partner is) employed in the Netherlands

Both expats who have just arrived in the Netherlands, and those who have settled are eligible for the policy.

No-Risk policy: Extra benefits

The HollandZorg policy exempts you from paying eigen risico (€385 )

In addition to what is already covered by the mandatory public health insurance (basisverzekering), the No-Risk policy offers the following extra benefits:

  • Coverage of emergency dental care up to a value of 200 euros per year
  • Coverage of repatriation within geographical Europe
  • The possibility to cancel this insurance with one day’s notice
  • Coverage of the compulsory "excess" (385 euros)!

Sign up for health insurance with LoonZorg now!

Sign up now!

To sign up for LoonZorg’s No-Risk health insurance policy, you can fill out the form on the LoonZorg website. You will need to provide proof of employment in the Netherlands and a copy of your passport.

As soon as somebody is registered with this policy, it is possible for partners who are not employed in the Netherlands to also take out the No-Risk policy.

Children under the age of 18 also need to be registered for public health insurance but do not pay a premium. LoonZorg can help you fill out the forms for your children.

To find out more about how the policy works and what it covers, visit LoonZorg's FAQs page.

Please be aware that you have got until the 31st of December to terminate your current health insurance policy and switch to the best-priced policy in the Netherlands.

About LoonZorg

LoonZorg is a health insurance provider specialising in the needs of expats living in the Netherlands. Need more information? Contact LoonZorg via the form below.

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