Health insurance policies in the Netherlands for international students

Health insurance policies in the Netherlands for international students


Are you looking for an affordable health insurance plan whilst you are studying in the Netherlands? Look no further! LoonZorg offers two different international student health insurance policies that will cover most of your unforeseen healthcare costs.

Health insurance policies for international students in the Netherlands

LoonZorg’s student policies will not only cover you for 50.000 to 75.000 euros in doctor and hospital costs, but they also offer coverage for special medical expenses, such as physiotherapy, psychotherapy and emergency dental care.

The LoonZorg student policies are available for a monthly premium of 29,50 euros (Plan A) and 37,50 euros (Plan B). Please note that these student policies do not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions!

A comparison between Plan A and Plan B

Here are the differences between the two student polices LoonZorg offers:

Scope of cover Plan A Plan B
Medical expenses € 29,50 pm / € 354 py € 37,50 pm / € 450 py
Reimbursement of costs for doctors and hospitals Cost price, with a limit of € 50.000 per year Cost price, with a limit of € 75.000 per year
Special medical expenses    
Physiotherapy 5 treatments 10 treatments
Psychotherapy 5 treatments 10 treatments
Costs relating to nonmedically necessary delivery in hospital, maternity home or at home Not covered Max. € 2.000
Devices Not covered Max. € 2.000
Dental costs as the result of an accident Max. € 200 Max. € 350
In the event of death € 10.000 € 10.000
Maximum in the event of (permanent) disability € 50.000 € 75.000
Extra costs/aid and relief    

Repatriation in the case of major sickness

Remains shipped to the country of origin or local burial/cremation in the city/town of death

(Provided these costs do not exceed the costs of repatriation)

Max. € 10.000 Max. € 10.000
Telecommunication costs pp per insured period Max. € 150 Max. € 150
Extra costs in connection with repatriation Max. € 10.000 Max. € 10.000

Curious about the conditions of the policies?

Want to know more about the available Dutch health insurance policies? Please check the scope of coverage on the official website of LoonZorg.

Compulsory Dutch public health insurance

Please note that when you start working in the Netherlands (part-time and full-time, including students), your employer pays contributions towards social security. From that moment on, you will need to take out Dutch health insurance.

Switching health insurance packages?

Do you need to switch insurance policy packages? No worries, LoonZorg can help you out and ensure that you have the best suited and priced policy.

Why LoonZorg?

LoonZorg is a specialist when it comes to expat health insurance policies. All communication is in English, even their helpdesk. Furthermore, LoonZorg offers the best priced custom-made health insurance packages in the Netherlands!


If you have any questions about the international student health insurance packages that LoonZorg offers, please do not hesitate to forward them to [email protected].



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