GroenLinks wants 3 days of free childcare for every child

GroenLinks wants 3 days of free childcare for every child

The leader of GroenLinks, Jesse Klaver, wants to put an end to the current childcare allowance benefit (kinderopvangtoeslag). He feels the system they currently use is much too complicated. Instead, he wants to replace it by giving every child three days of free childcare per week.

A complicated system

The system is just too complicated. “First people pay the childcare organisation and then they get money back from the government. It is one big hassle.”Klaver stated. He adds that the solution is simple, “We say: make it free. We as the government should just offer it, just like with education.” If it was up to GroenLinks, every child would simply have the right to three free days of childcare per week.

It’s not the first time that GroenLinks has brought this plan to the table, but to date, the proposal hasn’t received a majority. Klaver believes that the tide is turning and that his party can win over those who are still uncertain.

One thing is for sure; the current allowance system has caused a lot of misery, with thousands of parents having to pay back huge sums of money. “It’s time for the question: how can we prevent the same problems from happening in five year’s time,” says Klaver.

Financing the proposal

Making childcare a basic provision does not come cheap. GroenLinks wants the Rutte III Cabinet to look into how it could be financed so that the next government can quickly implement it.

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