First case of coronavirus confirmed in the Netherlands

First case of coronavirus confirmed in the Netherlands

The first case of coronavirus was confirmed on Thursday, February 27 in the Netherlands. The patient, a man from Loon op Zand in the south of the Netherlands, had recently spent time in Lombardy, Italy. Italy has had one of the biggest outbreaks of coronavirus in Europe, with 655 confirmed cases of the virus and 17 reported deaths.

Man in quarantine in Tilburg

The man has been placed in quarantine at the Elisabeth TweeSteden Ziekenhuis in Tilburg and his contacts are now being traced by the Public Health Service (GGD) and National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). He showed symptoms, was hospitalised and tested, according to the RIVM. The people he has been in contact with (at least, those who have already been identified), are being monitored to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This means having their temperature taken twice a day and reporting this to the GGD as well other symptoms they may have.

Officials are also trying to find out whether the man celebrated Carnival, popular in that region of the Netherlands. Recently, it was reported that a man in Germany had been experiencing flu-like symptoms for 10 days, yet still attended Carnival. He was later diagnosed with coronavirus. Authorities are now trying to track down some 300 people who attended the Carnival celebration in Germany.

The RIVM remains alerts to possible new cases of the virus and will enact the same protocol should new cases of coronavirus be found. The protocol is isolation, contact investigation and ongoing monitoring of the patient.

Second confirmed case

A second case has been confirmed in the Netherlands. The second patient is from Diemen and has no ties with the man from Loon op Zand. She was also in Lombardy last week. She is now in quarantine at home. The authorities have started an investigation into the people she has been in contact with. 

Symptoms of coronavirus

The symptoms of coronavirus are flu-like in nature and include a fever and respiratory complaints like shortness of breath or a cough. If you have been to one of the areas where COVID-19 (coronavirus) is widespread, like certain parts of Italy, China and South Korea, and you are experiencing the aforementioned symptoms, you can be tested for COVID-19.

If you are indeed experiencing these symptoms and have been in an area affected by coronavirus of have been in contact with an infected patient, you should call your doctor, who will arrange for you to be tested.

For now, make sure you wash your hands regularly with soap, cough or sneeze into the inside of your elbow or use tissues. If you are sick, stay home. Also, make sure you avoid people who are coughing.

Public information number

Today, a public information number will be set up. You can call this number: 0800-1351 with your questions about coronavirus. This line is especially for the proper provision of information in crisis time. 

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