University of Twente launches health website

From this week the University of Twente will be presenting key areas of its research in the field of health on a dedicated health website. Health is one of the university’s main research themes, so it has been decided to present a number of major research domains in this field in a clear and accessible way. The website will be coordinated from the MIRA Institute for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine.

Hundreds of researchers at the University of Twente work in the field of health from a variety of angles: technical, psychological and logistical. What is more, all the researchers working within the University of Twente Health theme combine their forces in numerous national and international partnerships.

The health website presents the various types of research within six categories: Medical Imaging, Lab-on-a-chip, Therapy, Robotics, Processes & Logistics and Entrepreneurship.

The new website is not intended to give an exhaustive summary of all the research being carried out. Rather, the aim is to give interested parties, both inside and outside the university, a good impression of the scope and applications of its research in the field of health. The health website will initially feature several dozen concrete examples, and will be regularly updated and expanded with new developments in the field.

Source: University of Twente



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