Fans who sing at Dutch football matches could face a three month ban

Fans who sing at Dutch football matches could face a three month ban

Football fans who break coronavirus restrictions - for instance, by singing at matches - could face a ban of three months.

Ban for Dutch football fans who break new coronavirus restrictions

The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) has released new stadium ban guidelines in response to coronavirus measures implemented by the Dutch government. Crowds have been allowed back in Dutch stadiums since July 1, but only under strict social distancing rules. 

Football clubs are now required to check with supporters upon entry if they are showing any symptoms of the virus; a 1,5-metre distance must be kept between those inside the stadium; and fans are not allowed to sing or cheer during matches.

In an apparent attempt to emphasise how serious they are about the new measures, the KNVB has said that anyone found to be breaking these rules could face a stadium ban of up to three months - although they have not made it clear what would be considered a violation of the coronavirus rules. 

Taking the joy out of football?

The association said in a statement that it is not the intention to immediately hand out stadium bans to those who accidentally stand too close to one another or cheer and shout out of pure emotion.

They instead advise clubs to react quickly and enter into conversations with their supporters to point out the possible far-reaching consequences of their actions for the club and the sport in general.

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