Extra coronavirus measures for Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague

Extra coronavirus measures for Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague

As the number of coronavirus cases rises across the Netherlands, stricter measures are expected in three major Dutch cities.

Coronavirus the Netherlands

According to extensive research conducted by journalists at RTLnieuws, the coronavirus is currently spreading a lot faster in the Netherlands than in many other European countries who have already taken steps to limit the second wave. 

Jasper Bunskoek from RTLnieuws compared figures from 950 regions in 11 different European countries. The regions have, on average, around 15 new positive tests per 100.000 inhabitants per week - all regions in the Netherlands have more than that. 

Furthermore, the research shows that Amsterdam and The Hague are among the top 10 most infectious regions in Western Europe. The top 10 regions, and their number of new positive tests per 100.000 inhabitants per week, are: 

  1. Paris (231 per 100.000)
  2. Rhône (213 per 100.000)
  3. Bouches-du-Rhône (210 per 100.000)
  4. Nord (208 per 100.000)
  5. Haute-Garonne (204 per 100.000)
  6. Amsterdam (194 per 100.000)
  7. Liverpool (192 per 100.000)
  8. Brussels (190 per 100.000)
  9. Blackburn with Darwen (181 per 100.000)
  10. The Hague (180 per 100.000)

Additional measures in the Randstad 

This week, the Dutch government is expected to announce further measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Meetings are being held on Monday afternoon to discuss potential measures. 

The cabinet will discuss, with mayors from the 25 security regions, introducing mandatory face masks for people who work in contact professions (i.e. hairdressers), plastic face shields for servers in hospitality and a mandatory registration requirement in the catering industry. 

Advice issued by the Outbreak Management Team on Monday morning placed emphasis on the severity of the coronavirus situation in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Stricter measures are expected to be announced at a press conference on Monday, September 28, at 7pm.

With stricter measures in the coronavirus hotspots, the government hopes to avoid a second national lockdown. However, many have criticised this approach, stating that the country is too small for regional measures to be effective.

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