Dutch internet speeds up, lifestyles evolve

Dutch internet speeds up, lifestyles evolve

The Netherlands has long been famous for its high-speed broadband network and sophisticated digital infrastructure.

In fact, according to a new State of the Internet report by cloud service provider Akamai, the average connection speed in the Netherlands increased by 15 per cent in 2014.

This makes Dutch internet the sixth fastest on average worldwide, behind South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland and Sweden.

An internet hub

With this advanced connectivity, the Netherlands is attracting attention as an ideal hub for expanding international companies, in part because of the high concentration of experienced ICT, engineering and design professionals in and around the Dutch capital.

But as a new study on internet habits by Statistics Netherlands shows, increased connectivity is also leading major changes in how people conduct their everyday lives.

Unprecedented access

Whereas only 78 per cent of Dutch households had internet access in 2005, and only 20 per cent had broadband connections, 96 per cent now enjoy a rich and growing array of online services and opportunities.

Internet use in 2014 in the Netherlands

The CBS report highlights the following statistics on internet use for 2014, showing where, how and amongst whom internet penetration is changing lifestyle habits: 

 90 per cent of people in the Netherlands now access the internet at least once every day.

› Of these, 80 per cent use laptop computers, though mobile phones are gaining in popularity. Smartphones with internet access were present in 80 per cent of homes in 2014.

› Three-quarters of seniors between 65 and 74 now use the internet daily to send e-mails, use browsers and access online phone services.

› The majority of people in the Netherlands (63 per cent) watch TV and listen to the radio online daily, and 59 per cent read online newspapers.

› 86 per cent of Dutch regularly use online banking services.

› 77 per cent engage in online shopping, especially for clothes and holiday bookings.

Source: CBS, Akamai

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