Dutch holiday travel restrictions eased for visitors to 16 EU countries

Dutch holiday travel restrictions eased for visitors to 16 EU countries

Travel advice has been updated for 16 European countries. The Dutch government gave the following statement: "The guidelines are also expected to be relaxed this summer for some countries outside of Europe. This will be done as much as possible in consultation with other EU countries,"

Travel is now possible to 16 EU countries

From today, people travelling from the Netherlands can go on holidays to Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, France, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic and Switzerland. These countries have been classed as “code yellow”, which means that travellers can go there but need to remain vigilant as there may be safety risks.

The government had already announced new rules for foreign travel on June 3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expects even more countries to be added to this list very soon. Austria plans to open its borders to visitors from other European countries this week.

Greece is allowing people from the Netherlands to travel there, however, they are to be tested for coronavirus on arrival and quarantined for one day. If the coronavirus test comes back positive, they will be quarantined for 14 days. From July 1 onwards, there will be coronavirus tests undertaken at random for travellers arriving in Greece.

Holidaymakers to remain vigilant

The UK, Sweden and Denmark are expected to stay at “code orange” throughout the summer, meaning that the government does not recommend holiday travel to these countries.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs Stef Blok said: "Holidaying abroad is possible again. But it's not going to be as carefree as it was before the corona crisis, because the risks remain. The virus is still among us and the situation remains uncertain." He called on holidaymakers to remain vigilant and to observe all the coronavirus measures in place in other countries.

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ZoLeeM 15:53 | 15 June 2020

I think you meant "... if the test comes back POSITIVE, they will be quarantined..." :-)