Dutch government launches official vaccination calculator

Dutch government launches official vaccination calculator

So far, the Netherlands’ coronavirus vaccination scheme has had some serious ups and downs. In spite of the complications with the AstraZeneca jab and recent failures to meet government targets, Health Minister Hugo de Jonge is optimistic that the Netherlands will meet the goals set for April: three million vaccinations by mid-April, and four million before the end of the month. 

However, the relatively slow vaccination pace so far has left many questioning the government’s schedule, and asking when they can expect to receive their invitation to book an appointment with the GGD or their GP. Now, the Dutch government has launched an official vaccination calculator on their website. 

When can you expect to be vaccinated against coronavirus?

The current goal is to administer at least one jab to everyone over the age of 18, who wants to receive the vaccine, by July 1. Since the start of the year, the government has had information about the order of vaccination published on its website.

However, unlike many other countries, the government hadn’t created a so-called vaccination calculator which would allow people to input information about themselves and their health to find out when they’re expected to be called up to be vaccinated. Until now, that is. 

Now, via, users can input their age, information about their living conditions and health to find out when they can expect to be vaccinated against coronavirus. According to the calculator, anyone under the age of 50 without any pre-existing medical conditions can expect the receive their invitation from mid-June, 2021. 

Note: The vaccination calculator on is only available in Dutch.

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