Drs. Katya Smit: Living abroad and the importance of mental health

Drs. Katya Smit: Living abroad and the importance of mental health


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Living in a new country can often come with many challenges. You and your family must adjust to a different environment. Sometimes this goes along with stressful events as building a new social network, adapting to a different culture and learning a foreign language. All family members will have to adjust to these new living conditions.

At the same time, you might struggle with mental health issues that make adjusting even more difficult. Stressors can be anxieties related to your work, depression, loneliness and relationship issues. If you think some help will do you good, why not ask for it?

About Drs. Katya Smit

Drs. Katya Smit is a certified psychologist and remedial educationalist, with over 20 years of experience in first-line psychology. After she finished her studies at the University of Leiden, she worked for over 20 years in (youth) healthcare organisations, specialised in trauma and abuse, family constellation, relationships, mourning, and anxieties. Drs. Smit’s office is conveniently located in Wassenaar, from which she serves a large group of (foreign) clients. She provides treatments in English, Spanish and Dutch.

An integrative and personalised approach

Drs. Katya Smit applies an integrative and personalised approach that differs from many large healthcare institutions. These institutions can have long waiting lists and endless therapy sessions. Her approach is more personal and allows for a tailor-made treatment plan. Together, you will work in a safe, respectful and non-judgmental way, where you will be provided with empathy and support in order for you to heal and grow. Drs. Smit’s first priority is to understand your specific needs and goals.

After contact by email or phone, you will have a free-of-charge intake session in which you’ll jointly define the healthcare needed and define a treatment plan. If you decide to continue, therapy or coaching will start immediately, one session every two weeks is preferable, depending on the urgency and seriousness of the problem or issue, of course. In many cases, less than 10 sessions are sufficient. Each session takes 60 minutes.

Which issues are covered?

Drs. Smit is specialised in child development, parental guidance, relationships, intimacy issues, infidelity, anxieties, loneliness, substances dependency, abuse and trauma, depression, loss & grief, low self-esteem, work and school performance, isolation and integration issues, life and career and burn-out. She does both counselling and coaching, and practices mindfulness as well.

Depending on your personal situation, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), solution-focused therapy (SFT), system therapy, couples therapy and contextual therapy will be applied.


Drs. Smit’s agenda allows for flexibility, as many of her clients appreciate consultation after office hours. While most people prefer to meet face to face, you might feel uncomfortable seeing a therapist in person, or simply cannot fit it into your busy schedule. This is why she also carries out consultations via (video) phone or through home visits.


Each session takes 60 minutes and costs 80 euros. The intake session is free of charge.

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