Drivers to pay flat 50-euro fee to park in Scheveningen or The Hague

Drivers to pay flat 50-euro fee to park in Scheveningen or The Hague

The municipality of The Hague has introduced a flat fee of 50 euros for parking at the beach in Scheveningen and parts of the city centre. This means that, regardless of how long drivers park their cars for - whether it be five minutes or five hours - it’ll cost them a whopping 50 euros. 

Want to park a car in Scheveningen or The Hague? That’ll cost 50 euros 

The municipality announced the new parking fees last week, and hopes the high costs will discourage tourists and visitors from visiting busy parts of the city by car and using up parking spaces that should be left free for local permit holders. Instead, the municipality hopes drivers will park their cars in more affordable parking garages. 

“We want the primary way of transportation to be your legs, and then the bicycle, public transport, and, last, cars,” a spokesperson for the municipality told The Guardian. “That doesn’t mean we don’t allow cars in our city: it means that if you have a short distance to travel, your primary way of transportation should be your legs. It benefits not only the environment but also travel times.”

The 50-euro day rate has been introduced as part of a new one-year trial, and is the latest in a string of measures introduced in The Hague to improve traffic flow and limit congestion in and around the city. Last year, for example, the municipality raised parking rates from 3,50 to 10 euros per hour, and placed clamps on almost 3.000 incorrectly parked cars.

Local businesses worried high prices could deter customers

The sharp rise in price has left many shocked and has been met with some criticism, with some local entrepreneurs worried that it could affect their businesses. Talking to Omroep West, Fleur Kruyt, who owns the Van Kleef distillery, suggested another solution: “If necessary, park for 15 or 20 minutes. Then you give people the opportunity to enter a store quickly, without the risk that people park there for a long time who have no business there.”

While the municipality of The Hague says it is aware of the criticism, it does point out, however, that many residents and permit holders are pleased with the change and are glad their cars will now be given priority in the city.

For more information about the cost of on-street parking in The Hague and Scheveningen, visit The Hague municipality's website.

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Mandoist 15:57 | 8 May 2023

Brilliant idea! It appears these officials are as stupid as the Mayor of A'dam who wants to drive tourists away (and, of course, her now endless dead-end Christian Party campaign to abolish coffeeshops). There are ways to control tourism -- forcing locals/visitors to pay €50 Day Parking, and publicly begging people to stay out of your city is probably not the most intelligent nor the best financial choice.

Pavlo Rodin 14:12 | 9 May 2023

I live in Amstelveen, and every now and then was driving to this parking to walk on a beach and/or visit attractions. I will not do it anymore with a flat parking fee of 50 EUR. The place is way too far to go by train, especially if you are with a family. This will for sure solve the problem of congestion and free parking spots. Not sure if it will help to keep the place busy with visitors.

TStone2 12:02 | 11 May 2023

The officials have this backwards. City dwellers shouldn't need cars to get around the city. Why can't they be offered places to park their cars outside the city to allow room for visitors in busy places? You want to prohibit tourists who will no doubt spend money over people who want to park their cars for days on end. Great idea.