Dental365: Emergency dentist for expats in the Netherlands

Dental365: Emergency dentist for expats in the Netherlands


A lot of expats prefer to go to their own dentist in their home country. But what happens when you have a dental emergency?

Aside from providing regular dental care to expats, Dental365 also works as an ideal solution for expats in the Netherlands in need of emergency dental assistance.

Emergency dentist during the holidays

Despite the fact that cycling through Amsterdam is an extraordinary local experience for expats and vacationers, it isn’t without dangers. Sometimes accidents are just around the corner, particularly when you don’t know the city well.

As an expat, you really don’t want to wait till you get home to get treatment for your fallen-out tooth. When a piece of your tooth breaks off, the cracked surface may get inflamed. The sooner you see a dentist, the bigger the chance they can restore the tooth.

Another scenario is for tourists, expats, but also local people, who haven't joined a dental practice just yet. Just imagine that you are on holiday or have just moved and have a chipped tooth. In these cases, it is possible to walk-in or call Dental365.

Open 24 / 7 for emergency dental care

Another reason you may need Dental365 is when your regular dentist's practice is either closed or too busy for emergencies. Dental365 will treat you and send all the information to your regular dentist.

Most dental practices in the Netherlands have emergency shifts for after working hours and during the weekend. If dentists do not have an emergency shift or when they are too busy to treat all of their patients, they can redirect them to Dental365 emergency dentist.

Examples of dental emergencies

If you are an expat and are experiencing the following dental emergencies, please call or visit us for immediate treatment and care:

  • Bleeding after pulled teeth or molars
  • Broken teeth or molars
  • Fallen out teeth or molars
  • Swollen cheeks due to inflammation (abscess)
  • Loose teeth or molars
  • Unmanageable toothache

About Dental365

Dental365 was established by a group of dentists and specialists who saw that there was not enough available dental emergency assistance in the Netherlands. The concept of Dental365 is that quality emergency care and availability are complementary to regular dental care.

To get the most out of this concept, Dental365 works closely with dental care practices, hospitals and specialist in the regions The Hague and Amsterdam. When these parties are not able to provide aid, they can redirect their patients to Dental365. This could happen outside of working hours, at the weekend or when a dental practice is closed due to holidays.

Contact us!

Dental365 is open 24 hours a day. Please contact the practice if you want more information or if you want to make an appointment: 020 555 82 82. Visit to learn more about emergency dentist Dental365. The dental practice locations:

Emergency Dentist Amsterdam
Piet Heinkade 215
Amsterdam 1019 HM
Same-day appointments 8am-11pm
Call now: +31 (0)20 555 82 82
Virtual Tour

Emergency Dentist The Hague
Burgemeester Hovylaan 78
Den Haag 2552 AZ
Same-day appointments 8am-11pm
Call now: +31 (0)70 204 00 10

Emergency Dentist Rotterdam
Dr. Molewaterplein 30
3015 GD Rotterdam
Same-day appointments 8am-11pm
Call now: +31 85 105 1760

Emergency Dentist Utrecht
Moskeeplein 1
3531 BX Utrecht
Same-day appointments 8am-11pm
Call now: +31 (0)30 792 0160

Emergency Dentist Dordrecht
Johan de Wittstraat 304
3311 KK Dordrecht
Same-day appointments 8am-11pm
Call now: +31 (0) 78 200 5000

Emergency Dentist Gouda
Van Limburg Stirumstraat 1
2805 BD Gouda
Same-day appointments 8am-11pm
Call now: +31 (0)85 018 9444



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