De Jonge: Everyone in the Netherlands can be fully vaccinated by September

De Jonge: Everyone in the Netherlands can be fully vaccinated by September

On Sunday morning, Health Minister Hugo de Jonge announced that, in spite of the Janssen vaccine delivery delays, everyone in the Netherlands who wants to be vaccinated can be fully immunised by September. He also said it’s possible that all coronavirus measures will be lifted at the end of the summer.

All adults in the Netherlands vaccinated by the end of the summer

Speaking on the Dutch Sunday morning talk show WNL op Zondag, De Jonge discussed the effect of the Janssen vaccine delivery delays, reiterating that the disappointing news meant it was unlikely his target of having all adults in the Netherlands at least partially vaccinated by July would be met. 

However, the Health Minister remained optimistic, saying that everyone over the age of 18 who wants the vaccine will have received at least one shot by mid-July, and that they should be fully immunised by the end of August.

While the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) assumes a vaccination turnout of 75 percent, De Jonge says the figure is actually closer to 84 percent.

Last coronavirus restrictions could be lifted by September

If this target is met, De Jonge said it was a “real possibility” that all coronavirus restrictions, including the 1,5-metre distance and face mask rules, could be lifted by September. However, he emphasised the importance of keeping distance if you’re not vaccinated, and said the goal would also depend on the outbreak of any dangerous mutations of COVID-19.

The OMT has a slightly less optimistic outlook, and has warned the Dutch government that coronavirus measures will continue to be necessary throughout the winter. On the other hand, if it were up to the KHN, the mandatory face mask and 1,5-metre distance rules would both be lifted before September.

At the press conference on May 28, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that step four of the government’s five-step plan for lifting lockdown measures will hopefully take place at the end of June.

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