Business owners want access tests to replace 1,5-metre distance rule

Business owners want access tests to replace 1,5-metre distance rule

The employers’ organisation VNO-NCW would like to see the 1,5-metre distance rule cast aside at any locations where visitors will be required to carry out a coronavirus test before entry. 

Using access tests to reopen the Netherlands 

This week, the Dutch government announced plans for a number of trials that would allow certain museums, zoos, theme parks, and casinos across the Netherlands to open their doors to a limited number of visitors. The catch? All visitors would have to provide proof of a recent negative coronavirus test upon arrival. 

The government hopes that these trials mark the first steps towards reopening society and allowing the people of the Netherlands more freedoms. However, Ingrid Thijssen, chairman of the VNO-NCW, would like the see businesses granted more freedom when it comes to admitting visitors and customers. 

VNO-NCW hopes access tests will allow businesses to admit more customers

“Let's let go of the 1.5 metres from next month,” says Thijssen, “If we soon do massive testing in higher education and only 20 percent of the students are still welcome, what's the point?” She acknowledges that the rapid tests are not 100 percent reliable when it comes to detecting COVID-19, but says “there is no ‘risk-free’ in life.”

Entrepreneurs and business owners across the country were pleased to hear the government’s plans to use access tests to reopen. However, the catering industry has already announced that rapid tests should not be used to reopen bars, restaurants, and cafes. The Dutch government is also looking to lift a handful of coronavirus restrictions this month.

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