From bus stops to bee stops: one Dutch city is going the extra mile

From bus stops to bee stops: one Dutch city is going the extra mile

To help stimulate the city’s biodiversity and support insects like bumblebees and honeybees, Utrecht has transformed its bus stops into bee stops! Don’t worry; humans can still wait for the bus there while harmless bees chill out amongst the plants above the bus shelter.

Better for the bees and for us

In Utrecht, 316 bus stops now have “green roofs”. These roofs are made up of sedum plants and, as well as looking fantastic, they also capture particulate matter, store rainwater and provide cooling when it’s hot, making them great for the summertime! They are maintained by municipal employees, who use electric vehicles to get around, making the whole thing pretty eco-friendly!

The new roofs will help to stimulate biodiversity in the city and provide a place for bees and other insects to thrive. People waiting at the stops need not worry about getting stung by the bees either, as bees are not aggressive, unlike their evil cousin the wasp. Moreover, certain species of bees die once they have stung, as the stinger is attached to their abdomen and this gets ripped away if they try to fly off. In addition to the green roofs, the bus stops are fitted with LED lights and a bamboo bench.

 Want to see the bee stops? Watch this video and make sure to click "fullscreen"!

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