Angry farmers announce new strikes

Angry farmers announce new strikes

The farmers are at it again, striking across the country; expressing their dissatisfaction with the prices they get for their products and the government’s nitrogen policy. This time, the farmer’s group Agractie has announced protests in 40 high profile locations across the country.

Protests across the country

Farmers will be “offering” agricultural products at these locations. What exactly they mean by this is not yet clear. Locations include supermarkets and shopping centres. You can expect tractors and banners. When the protests will take place exactly is not yet known, but in a written statement they are supposedly going to take place on “a date in the first quarter of 2020”.

Agractie feels that many Dutch products in supermarkets are sold at a price that is disproportionate to what the farmers get for them. So far, protests have led to chaos, as farmers took to the roads en masse with their tractors.

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