Amsterdam wants to remotely slow down e-bikes using software

Amsterdam wants to remotely slow down e-bikes using software

Authorities in Amsterdam are testing a new system that would automatically slow down e-bikes in certain zones of the city, using software installed on the bikes. The idea is that the software could be voluntarily installed on e-bikes in the capital and could help to prevent collisions in areas where cautious driving is required, such as outside schools or near hospitals

Amsterdam wants to prevent e-bike collisions

After several years of debate, Amsterdam is keen to move forward with plans to prevent e-bike collisions and accidents on the city’s roads. The city is one of six cities across Europe trialling the software, hoping to make cycling safer. 

The system was developed by the Townmaking Institute, a non-profit organisation that creates mobility and safety software. 

Amsterdam traffic official trials new system 

According to NRC, Amsterdam’s traffic alderman, Melanie van der Horst, tried out the system for herself last week. The news outlet said that Van der Horst’s e-bike’s pedal assistance was turned off when she entered a "vulnerable area" - near schools, parks, road works, or in the vicinity of a road traffic collision. “I saw a child playing with a football on my screen. I got into the red a little later, and my speed was reduced to 15 kilometres per hour,” she said.

Amsterdam is set to start experimenting with the system in 2025, and residents of the city will be able to sign up to take part in the trial of the software.

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