Amsterdam one of the top 5 Tech Cities in the world

Amsterdam one of the top 5 Tech Cities in the world

According to the 2019 Tech Cities index by Savills, Amsterdam is the fourth best tech city in the world. This accolade is not only a reflection of the important centre of tech within the Dutch capital, but also of the vibrant city that Amsterdam is to live and work in.

Savills Tech Cities index 2019

This year brings the third edition of the Savills Tech Cities index, which assesses 30 cities from around the world according to 100 individual metrics. These metrics are organised into six categories: business environment, tech environment, city buzz and wellness, talent pool, real estate costs, and lastly, mobility.

Factors in these categories range from tech infrastructure to the metro system and city wellness. These factors all contribute to what makes a successful home for tech and start-up companies. Savills Tech Cities are vibrant cities to work and live in; generators and magnets for talent; important centres of tech in the region; major recipients of venture capital investments and shopping list cities for expanding global tech companies. 

Fourth place for Amsterdam

In the 2019 Tech Cities index, Amsterdam comes in at fourth place, scoring well across the board and receiving praise from Savills for its “skilled, English-speaking workforce” and being referred to as a “vibrant global hub”. Amsterdam is not the top Tech City in Europe however, as London ranks third on the index.

Ranking first on the index is New York, overtaking San Francisco, which now comes in at second place. New York’s reputation as a global centre of commerce and its access to a deep talent pool make it the world leader when it comes to tech. The top ten Tech Cities are predominantly situated in America, with a few European cities and one Asian city thrown into the mix.

Top 10 Tech Cities in the world

The following make up the top 10 Savills Tech Cities this year.

  1. New York
  2. San Francisco
  3. London
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Boston
  6. Singapore
  7. Los Angeles
  8. Austin
  9. Stockholm
  10. Copenhagen

For more information, visit the Savills website.

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