Amsterdam metro line to be extended to Schiphol airport

Amsterdam metro line to be extended to Schiphol airport

It is no longer a question of if, but when, according to Schiphol CEO Dick Benschop. The North-South metro line is going to be extended from Amsterdam to Schiphol and Hoofddorp.

Agreements reached

Schiphol wants to expand the network of public transport around the airport as quickly as possible and, together with the municipality of Amsterdam, NS, ProRail and the Amsterdam Transport Region, is considering the expansion of the Schiphol train station, giving more space for high-speed trains and making it possible to extend the North-South line.

According to Benschop, the parties involved reached an agreement last year regarding the extension of the metro line. The hardest part of the project has already been constructed, so it should now be possible to extend the route, he asserts.

The first proposal is now in the hands of the central government in The Hague. Financial agreements are yet to be finalised but are under discussion. When it comes to financing the project, Schiphol CEO Benschop is clear about Schiphol’s stance: “We don’t want to just hold out our hand, we want to contribute something. A kind of offer you can’t refuse”.

Thousands of noise complaints

Last year, 71 million passengers travelled via Schiphol. This record number of travellers also resulted in a record number of noise complaints. In 2018, 11.500 reports were made to Schiphol Residents' Contact point (BAS); three times as many as were received in the previous year.

The future growth of Schiphol airport is currently being discussed with residents and directors, but Benschop expresses that a lot more needs to be done to regain the trust of the local community: “We will take measures in the interests of residents […] We will actively limit hindrances and will invest in liveability, in cooperation with our neighbouring municipalities.”

Schiphol is nearing a ceiling in terms of the maximum number of flights allowed to take off and land each year. In 2018, 499.446 landings and takeoffs were recorded. This is extremely close to the maximum of 500.000, which has been agreed upon until 2020 to limit the amount of nuisance experienced in the area surrounding the airport.

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