850.000 Easter holiday tourists expected in the Netherlands

850.000 Easter holiday tourists expected in the Netherlands

This year, according to NBTC Holland Marketing, the Netherlands expects to welcome 850.000 foreign tourists on Easter weekend. This is 100.000 fewer than the previous year.

The Netherlands popular amongst neighbouring countries

The Netherlands is a particularly popular destination amongst neighbouring countries, primarily for short holidays, and the majority of foreign visitors to the Netherlands on Easter weekend will be from Germany and Belgium. In total, foreign visitors to the Netherlands will spend around 250 million euros, according to NBTC Holland Marketing.

The lower tourist numbers, this year, are due to Easter falling earlier than usual. The weather forecast doesn’t help either, as the fickle weather means that fewer people are prepared to go camping. On the other hand, it does mean that hotels and holiday parks will likely be busy, NTBC Holland Marketing states.

Tourists in the Netherlands

To prevent tourists from visiting the same famous locations, such as Amsterdam and the Flower Bulb region, time and again, other regions are being promoted. Visitors are also being tipped off about the 30 castles throughout the Netherlands which can be explored.

The Dutch will also be celebrating Easter this weekend, with 200.000 people playing the tourist in their own country and 200.000 venturing abroad.

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Japaneseguy 14:06 | 3 April 2018

I think Amsterdam city must stop and remove this "I amsterdam" advertisment from all places in Amsterdam and all websites of Amsterdam city. Becasue of too much increse in numbers of tourists who give local people extremely uncomfrotable situtations and problems. This "I amsterdam" advertisment is indeed the turning and starting point of too too much tourism of Amsterdam.