Why your career in the Netherlands needs an MBA

Why your career in the Netherlands needs an MBA


With so many talents and qualified professionals today, how can you stand out from the crowd?

Study an MBA with IU!

In a day and age where digital skills are more available than ever, building the career you want can seem extra challenging. There are so many different factors to take into consideration, and so many different career paths you can take. But there’s one degree that can help you develop a unique skillset, and open up exciting new professional opportunities: an MBA with a specialisation from IU International University of Applied Sciences.

What IU’s MBA can do for you

Many employees feel that their prospects are limited, be it in their current place of employment, or in the open job market. They either lack the necessary skills, the experience or the leadership skills they need to take a step forward in their career and move up to a managerial position.

That’s where IU’s MBA programmes come in. Offered either as a general MBA degree, or as a cutting-edge programme with a specialisation in highly sought-after industry fields, IU’s MBA degrees help students improve every aspect of their professional profile. They offer business knowledge, industry specific skills, leadership training and exciting networking opportunities with students from all over the world.


With an MBA degree of your choosing, you can further develop your career in your current field or build a strong practical foundation in exciting areas such as big data, artificial intelligence or international marketing.

Putting a special emphasis on industry-applicable skills and real-world business cases, the curriculum is designed to give you the best possible starting point to a career in management, regardless of industry. The knowledge you’ll acquire throughout your studies will empower and enable you to put your foot up the career ladder, and never look back.

Study your own way

Committing to a study programme can seem intimidating, even if you know that it’s a great step for your future. MBA students all have professional experience, meaning that they are usually employed full-time, and they often have families and other obligations.

So, in order to succeed in your studies, it’s crucial to find a programme that matches your schedule and needs. This is precisely what IU offers its students - the flexibility to choose how and when to study.

By studying online, you can easily fit your studies into your everyday planning. You can study in the evening after work, in the morning before you start your day, or just on the weekends. You don’t have to set your career aside or miss valuable time with your family. And you can also decide when to start your studies: no need to wait for a semester to start, no need to waste time.


But studying flexibly and independently doesn’t mean you’ll be studying alone; you’ll be accompanied and supported by study coaches, fellow students and other faculty members, all so that you can focus on achieving your goals and staying motivated, even when it feels challenging.

Benefit from IU’s 10+ years of online experience

Founded in 1998 in Germany, IU is now the country’s largest university, with students from over 100 countries around the world. Having started teaching online over 10 years ago, the university now offers a wide variety of online programmes, supported by custom-made, innovative digital learning tools.

IU has helped thousands of MBA graduates take their careers to the next level, and its alumni form a global network of successful managers all across the international job market.

Visit the IU website to find the right MBA programme for you and apply now to start changing the course of your career for the better.



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