IU University: The 10 highest paying jobs in the Netherlands

IU University: The 10 highest paying jobs in the Netherlands


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What are the best paying jobs in the Netherlands?

The careers below include paid employment with an average annual salary from €110.400 - €158.400.

Eager to discover what the best paid jobs in the Netherlands are? Whether you're plotting your path to career success or planning to relocate for professional advancement, knowing what each of these top-paying jobs entails is critical. Let's dive into a structured look at these best paid jobs, breaking down their scope, potential earnings, key responsibilities, necessary skills and the educational background that could propel you into these roles with good salaries.

The 10 best paid jobs in the Netherlands

The top ten jobs with the highest salaries in the Netherlands are:

1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Many people dream of becoming the CEO or the founder of a company. But what does this challenging and dynamic position actually entail? 

  • Scope: At the helm of the enterprise, steering the company through strategic and operational challenges.
  • Salary: €13.198 per month.
  • Description: As a CEO, imagine yourself driving the overall vision and direction of a company. It's about making decisions that sometimes affect thousands of livelihoods and carving paths through complex, dynamic business landscapes.
  • Skills: Think of a CEO and you think of leadership. But it's just as much about strategic foresight, exceptional problem-solving abilities, robust financial understanding and stellar communication skills.
  • Education needed: Wondering what it takes? An MBA often springs to mind, providing leadership and strategic skills, while degrees in Business Administration, Finance or related areas lay down a solid foundation. Extensive managerial experience is typically essential.


In order to succeed as a CEO, you must possess certain professional and personal qualities that will allow you to run your business or organisation effectively.

2. IT director

An IT director is a vital position within any company or organisation, which requires not only technical knowledge but also leadership skills:

  • Scope: Guardianship over all things technical, aligning IT strategy with business goals.
  • Salary: €12.220 per month.
  • Description: In this role, you'll oversee the deployment and management of technology across the company, ensuring that IT strategies mesh seamlessly with business operations and objectives.
  • Skills: Expert IT knowledge is a given, but so is strong strategic thinking, adept project management, leadership and communication. Tech is about systems, and people systems are just as crucial as software.
  • Education needed: An MBA in IT Management can be a game-changer, though degrees in Computer Science or Information Technology aren't just common; they're often expected.


Similar to the CEO position, an IT director must have years of experience in their field along with a sufficient educational background.

3. Call centre director

A call centre director ensures that interactions between call centre employees and the company's customers are smooth and meet the organisation's standards:

  • Scope: Leadership and optimisation of call centre operations.
  • Salary: €11.466 per month.
  • Description: Imagine being responsible for hundreds, maybe thousands of customer interactions every day. Your job is to ensure these are as efficient and effective as possible, enhancing satisfaction and fostering loyalty.
  • Skills: This role demands expertise in managing large teams, strategic planning and superior skills in customer service and crisis management. Think of yourself as the captain of a ship in ever-changing waters.
  • Education needed: While specific courses in management or customer relations are invaluable, an MBA focusing on Human Resource Management or related fields can elevate your understanding and skills to the level required in this high-stakes environment.


Being in charge of a call centre requires people skills and the ability to manage and direct a large group of employees.

4. Leasing director

Leasing directors oversee the leasing of multiple properties including, apartments, condos or houses. Here is a rundown of what you can expect from this role:

  • Scope: Overseeing leasing strategies and operations within the company.
  • Salary: €11.162 per month.
  • Description: As a leasing director, your domain extends over vast portfolios of property and equipment leases. Your challenge? To strategise and manage these assets in a way that maximises returns while mitigating risks.
  • Skills: Negotiation is key, along with sharp analytical skills, strategic thinking and a deep understanding of market dynamics.
  • Education needed: A background in Finance, Real Estate Management, or an MBA with a focus on Finance & Accounting can provide the tools needed to excel in this lucrative but demanding role.

Leasing directors work primarily with people, from leasing agents and potential tenants to cleaning staff.

5. IT architect

IT architects are responsible for overseeing and developing the business and security technologies of an organisation. This role has a few qualities and requirements, namely:

  • Scope: Designing and implementing comprehensive IT solutions that align with business objectives.
  • Salary: €10.389 per month.
  • Description: Think of an IT architect like a master builder, only instead of bricks and mortar, you're working with data and systems. Your blueprints are complex IT strategies tailored to propel business efficiency and innovation.
  • Skills: IT demands a blend of extensive technical expertise and strategic foresight plus a robust understanding of business processes.
  • Education needed: While a degree in Information Technology or Computer Science forms the foundation, an MBA in IT Management could well be what sets you apart, equipping you with an understanding of how technology drives business value.


Further, IT architects must be able to communicate with colleagues about software, networks and databases relevant to the business.

6. Country manager / director

Do you dream of heading a branch of a multinational corporation? Here's a few things you should know about being a country director:

  • Scope: Steering company operations within a country, aligning global strategies with local realities.
  • Salary: €10.276 per month.
  • Description: Imagine running the operations of a multinational company within a specific country - adapting global strategies to local market nuances, from regulatory compliance to consumer preferences.
  • Skills: This role requires an adaptive mindset, strategic managerial skills and a knack for fostering relationships across cultures.
  • Education needed: An MBA with a specialisation in International Business or Marketing offers insights into global markets, while experience in international settings can be just as crucial.


This role requires leadership skills as well as experience in working in an international or multicultural setting.

7. Plant manager

Do you envision yourself as a leader in a manufacturing facility? This is what the job entails and requires of you:

  • Scope: Overseeing all operational aspects of a manufacturing facility.
  • Salary: €10.205 per month.
  • Description: As a plant manager, envision yourself at the nerve centre of a manufacturing facility where efficiency, safety and productivity are your key focus. Your day-to-day decisions ensure that production goals are met while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality.
  • Skills: Strong leadership and outstanding organisational skills are paramount. You'll need a thorough understanding of production processes, a firm grasp on employee management and acute problem-solving capabilities.
  • Education needed: Typically, a degree in Industrial Management or Engineering is required, with additional qualifications like an MBA in Operations Management helping to deepen understanding of business operations and strategic oversight.


Plant managers must be comfortable keeping up with regular advancements in technology, sustainability and manufacturing practices.

8. Pilot

Not sure of sitting behind a desk or working with customers for 32 - 40 hours a week? See if the following feels right for you, and perhaps consider becoming a pilot:

  • Scope: Flying and navigating aircraft safely from one point to another.
  • Salary: €9.868 per month.
  • Description: As a pilot, each workday is literally above the clouds. This role encompasses the safe navigation of aircraft, adhering to strict safety procedures and sometimes managing a flight crew.
  • Skills: Precision, attention to detail and staying calm under pressure are crucial qualities. Pilots must master the technical aspects of flying and maintain excellent situational awareness.
  • Education needed: Essential education includes a commercial pilot licence (CPL) and often an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). While an MBA is not required, courses in Aviation Management can offer insights into the business side of aviation.

Pilots are often required to spend lots of time away from home and enjoy travelling to new locations on a regular basis. 

9. Economic / Financial manager

People who enjoy working with numbers and who are skilled at financial management could consider a career as a financial manager. Here's what you can expect from this role:

  • Scope: Managing an organisation's financial activities and strategies for growth.
  • Salary: €9.703 per month.
  • Description: This role involves everything from budgeting and forecasting to engaging with investors and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. Economic / Financial Managers translate complex data into strategic insights that drive business decisions.
  • Skills: Analytical prowess, strategic thinking and a strong grasp of financial systems are essential, along with the capacity to communicate complex concepts clearly and effectively.
  • Education needed: A degree in Finance and Accounting or Economics is typical. An MBA in Finance & Accounting can also provide higher level insights into financial management, strategy and leadership roles.


On top of that, financial managers are skilled at making reports, developing strategies and promoting the overall financial health of the organisation.

10. Technical director

Although the role of technical director sounds similar to that of an IT director, there are some differences:

  • Scope: Managing technical processes and teams within a company.
  • Salary: €9.200 per month.
  • Description: As a technical director, think of yourself as the bridge between creative and technical aspects of projects. You're there to ensure that the technical resources meet the project's needs and align well with the business objectives.
  • Skills: Strong technical knowledge is a must, but so are leadership, strategic planning and effective communication skills. Having a knack for problem-solving and innovation can set you apart.
  • Education needed: While a technical background in fields such as Engineering or Computer Science is essential, an MBA in Project or Engineering Management can vastly enhance your understanding of how to align technical projects with business strategy and lead diverse teams.

While an IT director deals directly with IT systems and technology, a technical director may be more involved with the business and creative side of a business.

The right preparation is key

Understanding each of these roles not only illuminates paths to potential high earnings in the Netherlands but also highlights how diverse educational backgrounds - from specialised MBAs and specific degree programs to essential certifications - can equip you for success. Whether you're fine-tuning your skills or expanding your academic horizons, the right preparation can help you climb the ladder in these high-demand, high-reward positions.



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