IU: MBA specialisations for the post-COVID and ChatGPT era

IU: MBA specialisations for the post-COVID and ChatGPT era


Although the reasons for getting an MBA are relatively clear for most working professionals - job security and higher salary being the most important - less is known about what type of MBA or business specialisation you can do. The (IU) International University of Applied Sciences, a leading educational institution, explains the different MBA specialisations that are available.

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MBA specialisations

Traditionally, finance, marketing, HR, operations, and entrepreneurship are some of the most sought-after MBA specialisations and are considered the safest options by many students. However, with time and especially in this post-COVID and ChatGPT era, the needs of the business market are changing.

Take a look at some of the most popular specialised MBA programmes and where they might lead.

IU: Innovation and entrepreneurship

With the rise of visionary entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, developing the skills to build one’s own company or to revolutionise industries is now a popular specialisation within MBA programmes. And with the disruptive new technology of ChatGPT, it’s become clear that businesses need people to implement and manage such innovations.


If these things interest you, consider an Innovation and Entrepreneurship MBA. It provides essential management and business development experience, as well as the skills entrepreneurs need to come up with ideas and to secure funding.

IU: Healthcare management

Since the COVID pandemic, the healthcare sector is undergoing revitalisation; it’s a fact that the industry is undergoing rapid change to meet new challenges. It’s also clearer than ever that healthcare is a vital and exciting industry and new, young leaders with a better understanding of the digital age are needed.

With an MBA in Healthcare Management from IU, you can take on challenging managerial responsibilities in an exciting industry. You can learn skills to help you work in hospitals, care facilities or industry-leading medical technology companies.

IT Management

Whether it’s in business intelligence, information security, cloud computing or big data, IT never ceases to present companies with new challenges. An MBA in IT or Technology Management puts MBA graduates at the forefront of user experience, design, and information technology streams. Consider this major if you want to manage the way data moves within, between and outside your organisation.

IU: Engineering management

As we’re slowly but surely moving away from fossil fuels, new developments in engineering are needed and there are massive investments being done in many different industries. Engineering MBA graduates can contribute with their solution-oriented skills while also considering their own business goals.

The combination of general MBA skills, such as communication and agility, with the core critical thinking skills of an engineer also means that management positions are quickly attainable. An MBA gives an engineer the knowledge to make strategic business choices and to fully understand the economic and human impact of those decisions.

Supply chain management

An increasingly globalised world, market instability due to conflicts, rising costs of manufacturing, scarcity of goods and materials, and rapid technical developments such as AI are all challenges that companies are facing and that have a huge impact on the supply chain. Now more than ever, companies are looking for managers to fulfil demand through efficient planning and sourcing.

An MBA in Supply Chain Management focusses on planning, organising, and managing production to maximise efficiency. If you're interested in supply chain management or logistics, consider this specialty.


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Whatever your professional background, with IU’s MBA degrees, you will develop your specialist knowledge and gain in-depth business expertise. With IU, you can study online at any time and any location and develop your management skills to match top international positions.

Looking to make a difference, and lead teams in exciting new industries? With IU’s wide selection of unique MBA specialisations, you can define a new career path in the field of your choice.



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