Taalthuis: Combining traditional classroom teaching and e-learning

Taalthuis: Combining traditional classroom teaching and e-learning


Being an expat in the Netherlands, you’ve probably asked yourself if learning Dutch is really necessary since so many Dutch people speak English. However, it may be quite confronting when your children start to speak better Dutch than you! Furthermore, even though most Dutchies speak English, they often prefer to chat in their native tongue, as many people would.

Learn Dutch with Taalthuis!

So, to make you feel more at home and to integrate better into the Dutch community, it’s good to learn Dutch. But where and how do you do it? What will your next step be?

You’ll find you have a lot of options; intensive courses, online courses, apps and group courses that take place in a classroom. What’s the best way for you to learn a language?

Classical learning vs online learning

So, will you go for a group course or an online one? Both options have pros and cons:

Traditional group courses

  • Group courses are held at a fixed location at a specific time, so flexibility is minimal.
  • In a group, you will get support from your fellow classmates. You will encourage each other to learn Dutch, which at times may seem like an impossible task.

Online courses

  • You can complete an online course at your own pace, at a time that suits you. If you have a sick child or a business trip, you can skip the lesson and do it another time.
  • You will have access to resources, no matter your situation or location.
  • Online learning requires a lot more self-discipline, and there is also the danger of forgetting to study at all.

The perfect teaching combo

As stated above, both classical learning and online learning methods have pros and cons. But, why choose one or the other? Taalthuis believes that combining traditional group courses with the support of an e-learning programme is very beneficial to language students. These two teaching techniques complement each other perfectly, offering something for everyone, no matter what your preferred learning style is.

E-Learning tool

Taalthuis’ very own e-learning programme is an important tool, which can help you with your vocabulary and pronunciation. It also provides you with many challenging exercises!

Classroom teaching

The teachers at Taalthuis know their students, their strengths and weaknesses, and they act as a mentor, guiding them whilst learning Dutch.

In the classroom, you are surrounded by like-minded people. Actively communicating with peers creates a social energy, and in many cases, can even lead to friendships - something you can’t replace with artificial intelligence.

Last but not least, interaction with good teachers helps motivate students to work harder, learn better and continue to speak Dutch well after the course!

New courses starting soon!

New Taalthuis courses are starting in October and November. Sign up now!

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