8 fun ways to integrate learning Dutch in your daily life

8 fun ways to integrate learning Dutch in your daily life


Having fun while learning Dutch is very important! Taalthuis makes learning Dutch a fun experience. If you believe that you learn faster by taking a serious approach, they will prove you otherwise. Just observe how children learn. They always play and have fun, and learn fast while doing so. At Taalthuis, they have the same approach. Their courses are interactive and the playful course materials are colourful. But, besides taking a course at Taalthuis, there are plenty more fun ways to learn the language. Here are some tips!

Change your phone and social media settings to Dutch

A great way to familiarise yourself with Dutch is by changing your phone and social media languages to Dutch. You’ll find you’re able to quickly recognise words and the context in which they are used. And, if you want some extra help perfecting your language skills, check out Taalthuis on Facebook and Instagram for fun quizzes, educational posts, and grammar videos for expats.

Start with Karaoke

Dive into the lyrics of Dutch songs and start learning on the go. What better way to do this than with Karaoke, right? Take the time to discover Dutch music and find a few songs that you enjoy. Spotify has recently released a feature that displays the lyrics as the song is playing, so play your newly-discovered favourite Dutch song and start singing along!

Designate a Dutch-only area or moment in your house

Turn your living room into a Dutch-only zone, or try to have dinner conversations exclusively in Dutch. Not only is this a fun thing to try with Dutch guests, it’s a really effective way of learning Dutch for specific situations. And, with Taalthuis offering courses for children as young as eight, it is also a great way for children to brush up on their language skills and interact with their parents.

Go on a date with a native speaker

Dutchies are easy-going and very direct, so a fun night out is all but guaranteed! They are also great English speakers so there’s no need to worry if your Dutch isn’t perfect just yet. The Dutch love to talk about their personal life but just never ask them how much they earn.

Read children’s books

The easiest way to start reading Dutch is to start with children's books. Stories written for children are a great resource if you want to start learning any language. They contain simple plots, creative and descriptive vocabulary, as well as short sentences that are easy to follow.

Play live Pictionary with Dutch words.

Can you guess the word these students at Taalthuis are describing?


Play Dutch (board) games

Playing Dutch games will help you improve and motivate you to learn beyond your limits. Plus, they’re enjoyable, they help people bond, and they improve your language learning skills a lot more than you think. They’re so effective, students at Taalthuis often play Dutch games during their language lessons. So, don’t be afraid to integrate them into your experience; they’re just one more useful tool at your disposal, use it!

Taalthuis is dedicated to making learning Dutch fun!

Binge-watch your favourite shows on Netflix with Dutch subtitles

It's understandable that you would rather watch a series with subtitles in your own language, but don't be afraid to switch them to Dutch - especially for shows you're already familiar with. Hearing the character speak in a language you’re familiar with will help you piece the Dutch subtitles together.

Speak as much Dutch as you can, even talk to yourself

If you can’t quite get your brain to narrate in a different language, try speaking out loud to hold yourself accountable for practising the language every day. Start with addressing simple items in your house like a table or a chair, then try to make full sentences instead of only saying the words.

Repetition is key: Practice every day and don’t ever give up!

Do you want to learn Dutch in a fun way? Register for a course at Taalthuis! Learning Dutch at Taalthuis is fun and educational. You have the possibility to follow online lessons or face-to-face lessons. Simply visit the Taalthuis website to register. For more information, contact Taalthuis at or +31 (0)23 3050305



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