Success in corona-times: Amity Amsterdam officially accredited as IB PYP school

Success in corona-times: Amity Amsterdam officially accredited as IB PYP school


After an unprecedented year due to the global pandemic, Amity International School Amsterdam has some positive news to share: the school has officially been accredited as International Baccalaureate World School for the Primary Years Programme (IB PYP). The PYP offers an inquiry-based, transdisciplinary curriculum framework that builds conceptual understanding. It is a student-centred approach to education for children aged 3-12.

The coronavirus pandemic has made it more challenging for the school to showcase their commitment in offering the unique IB educational programme, as verification visits were performed virtually. Luckily, with the right technology in place, the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) was able to assess the school and concluded that Amity Amsterdam has successfully developed and implemented the educational programme over the years.

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Principal Mrs Sarah Wade is very pleased with the school reaching the next phase in its development: “The accreditation is an external verification demonstrating that as a school, we are fulfilling our mission and vision and are focused on inquiry-based learning, providing students with the skills they will need beyond the classroom to be successful.”


Why IB?

Amity International School Amsterdam, located in Amstelveen, is proud to call itself an IB World School. The IB Curriculum is an international curriculum, favoured by many international schools around the world. Parents and students are assured that each IB World School, no matter where it is located, is held to the same high standard. This makes it easier for families relocating to different countries after a few years without having to adjust to the local school system.

Research by internal and external agencies has repeatedly shown that students of the IB Curriculum tend to perform better academically than their peers and are more likely to enrol at top universities. Learning at an IB World School is stimulating, inspiring, and allows students to really excel and see what they’re capable of.

Head of Primary School and PYP Coordinator at Amity Amsterdam Miss Amy Wright emphasises how this works in the IB PYP: “Children are encouraged to reflect on their own learning and to self-select tasks based on the level of challenge. We stimulate them to become global citizens who can go out and make the world a better place.”

Provide the skills students need beyond the classroom

amity class room

Developing the school

The school continues to develop and expand. With a brand-new playground, the opening of the Senior School in 2019 and offering door-to-door transportation, Amity Amsterdam shows that it’s future-ready. The school is also a Candidate School* for the IB Middle Years Programme and the IB Diploma Programme and hopes to be a fully authorised IB World School for all IB programmes within a few years.

Available spaces

Amity International School Amsterdam currently has 250 students and still has spaces available in various year groups for this academic year. Enquiries can be sent via the website or by contacting the admissions team via [email protected].

*Only schools authorised by the IB Organisation can offer any of its four academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), the Diploma Programme (DP), or the Career-related Programme (CP). Candidate status gives no guarantee that authorisation will be granted.



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