Amity International School Amsterdam: Individualised education

Amity International School Amsterdam: Individualised education


Amity International School Amsterdam, at its founding, set out to provide an education which would enable all members of its school community to thrive in our ever-changing world. As the world develops at a greatly accelerated pace, the school's primary purpose is to combine the best educational practices with the most current innovative approaches to learning.

Inspiring lifelong learning

A guiding question AISA always considers is, “How can we, as a school, prepare our students for an unknown future?” By building upon the latest research about learning, understanding the need for collaboration and flexibility in the workplace and incorporating a drive for responsible action, the school is creating vibrant learning environments to inspire lifelong learning.

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Respect and responsibility

On a visit to Amity International School, the first thing you’ll notice is the joyful smile on children’s faces as they walk, or likely run, to school in the morning! You will see the school’s commitment to providing a nurturing community that holds and cares deeply and authentically for its members.

The children have respect for one another and gain pleasure from their relationships, whether it be through encouraging a classmate to speak up when it is their turn to present or inviting them to be a part of a discussion. The students understand that responsible action is part of their responsibility as social beings, as it pertains to their families, classrooms, neighbourhood and the broader global and political sphere.

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Meaningful learning

Because their ideas and perspectives are respected, they are willing to engage actively, and their voices grow strong even as they maintain the ability and desire to hear others’ points of view.

David Porritt, the school’s Principal, explains: “The curriculum at Amity International School is based on the principle that meaningful learning happens when children are engaged and emotionally involved in their education. At AISA, our students’ educational experiences are individualised, based on their skills, abilities, interests, needs and learning styles.

A fundamental part of our curriculum is the opportunity to go out into the real world, to talk to experts and have a “hands on” experience. This enables children to form a personal connection with their education and deepens their understanding; transforming learning into something vivid and real.”

This philosophy is reflected in the wide variety of learning opportunities offered by Amity International School, whether it is taking part in yoga, swimming or music lessons, or enriching their knowledge of language through French and Dutch lessons. The students are always excited about their next learning opportunity.

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A partnership between family and school

At the core of Amity International School is a belief in the partnership between family and school. Parent workshops are offered on a regular basis to support parents in the areas of learning at home and to provide a forum for discussion. AISA helps children to thrive by providing opportunities for deep human connections to permeate all aspects of their lives.

This educational approach supports children in practising mutual respect, cooperation, leadership, mentoring, listening, personal integrity, valuing differences and conflict resolution. The school helps foster the social skills children need to thrive in the relationships they form throughout their lives.

An amazing experience

One parent’s experience displays the enthusiasm and partnership that is Amity: “Finding the right school for our children was the one thing we stressed about as parents during this move to Amsterdam. Amity has not only erased any fears for us, but truly made this an amazing experience for our three children. They are actually disappointed on weekends when there is no school.”

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Amity International School Amsterdam hopes that you will visit the school to see the vibrant community first hand! Visit for more information or click the button below.



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