STE Languages: The expat’s guide to language learning!

STE Languages: The expat’s guide to language learning!


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STE Languages is the leading language institute in Brabant and Limburg and has been active in language training for more than thirty years. Language training is given at all levels and in all languages such as Dutch, English, German, Spanish and many more.

The programmes in which they offer these language courses are: Open Enrolments, In-company Courses and Individual Courses. They also provide training courses that prepare students for the Civic Integration Exam and the NT2 State Exams. More than 2,000 expats from all over the world study at STE each year!

Online classroom

STE’s expert trainers know how important language is for you and your organisation and they are therefore very willing to help you to achieve your goals. A good command of a language is important for companies to better serve their clients. In addition, mastering a language contributes to feeling at home within society and is also important within companies, so that mutual co-operation and internal security can be achieved.

All of their training courses are currently taking place by way of an online classroom. STE Languages has 16 classrooms at its location at Aalsterweg 3 in Eindhoven, where face-to-face lessons can be given (once the situation surrounding the coronavirus permits it).

Available programmes

The programmes in which they offer language courses are:

Open Enrolments

Open Enrolments at STE Languages are an ideal format for learning a language in stages. The courses are given in small groups of up to nine participants, where everyone has the same starting level. You work progressively towards a higher level and then complete the course with a final test. Once you have passed the test, you can then attend a course at a higher language level. You determine the duration of your language course and also your target level.

Individual courses

The unique selling point of the individual training courses is individual attention, which results in an extremely effective type of language course. Flexibility is another key feature: the contents of the language training course depend entirely on what you as the client want and need to learn.

In-company courses

STE Languages also gives language training to groups of employees: In-company Courses. These training courses are always tailored to your needs and are aimed at your profession. This is how STE is able to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Would you like your employees to be able to communicate better with each other? Or do you perhaps have a different learning objective? STE determines the starting level of your employees during an initial meeting or "intake". Their expert language trainers will define your learning objectives and draw up a clear lesson plan.

Short intensive courses

STE Languages offers several short intensive courses in Dutch and English. One such course is "Business English for the Workplace". This course allows students to learn how to professionalise their CV, improve their LinkedIn profile and to write better emails and give more powerful presentations.

Free intakes in May

STE Languages have introduced a special offer in the month of May! Would you perhaps be interested in a short-term language training course? Take advantage of our special offer of no intake costs being charged. This applies to all intake interviews carried out in May. Apply now!

Contact STE Languages

Whatever or wherever you would like to learn or improve your language skills, STE Languages can offer you a course that fits your needs. If you are interested in making an appointment for an intake, if you have any queries, or would like extra information, please contact them on +31 40 245 28 60 or via [email protected].



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