Fast-track to the inburgering exams

Fast-track to the inburgering exams


Are you a non-EU citizen and do you wish to apply for permanent residence in the Netherlands or for Dutch nationality? Then you probably know that one of the requirements is to pass the inburgering exams. For many exam candidates, these exams seem like a complicated and time-consuming undertaking. Fortunately, this process is now a lot easier thanks to the new self-study courses at

Guided online self-study courses

As a Dutch teacher at BN Language Academy, Bart Nawijn realised that many students struggle with the same issues in their preparation for the exams. According to Bart, the most common difficulties of many exam candidates are:

  1. Preparation for the exams costs a lot of time and money
  2. It’s difficult to find time to study and / or go to school next to other daily activities
  3. Most exam candidates don’t know the best way to study for the exams

Based on these common struggles, Bart started thinking about a way to make the whole preparation process smoother and less of a burden for all exam candidates. So, he set out to create an online course that requires no physical books or teachers for students of all levels. The result is “The most pleasant and effective way to pass your exams!” he says proudly. provides online courses for all the language exams (speaking, writing, listening, reading) and later this year, a course for the KNM (knowledge of Dutch society) exam will also be added.


Dutch teacher Bart Nawijn created to make the preparation process easier and smoother for exam candidates.

Can you really pass the exams only through self-study?


If this question is on your mind, you're not the only one. People often think that you must take a course with fixed lessons and a teacher to be able to pass the exams. However, this is not entirely true. Many students are passing their exams with the guided self-study courses at Although the courses do not have classes with teachers, there are many explanatory videos guiding you through each exam. Also, students are provided with study schedules to guide them through the courses. And, if you are still having difficulties with your studies, you can always send an email and a professional teacher will quickly help you on your way.

What do students say about

When asked what kind of reactions he is getting from users, Bart said, “I’ve received all kinds of wonderful feedback but the best is of course to hear from students that they are passing their exams thanks to the online courses.” Having published the website at the end of 2020, the online courses have currently already helped over 1000 students prepare for the A2 language exam. Here is what a few of them say about the courses:

Manivannan Kumar (39) – "Helpful for a beginner"

"It was really helpful for a beginner like me," said Indian national Manivannan, an IT consultant based in Hilversum. He passed the reading exam after studying with and has been recommending the course to friends.

Tarik Mallouili (39) – "I felt more confident"

Moroccan national Tarik who works in Amsterdam has just heard that he’s passed all his exams. "I felt more confident," he said. "It felt like the questions I had already done with” Tarik was very impressed with the course: "It’s surprising how they understand what students are looking for."

Melissa Groot (50) – "Very affordable"

Melissa, a Malaysian-Chinese national based in The Hague, really enjoyed the flexibility of the courses. "I have a family to run, so to go to a course back-and-forth three times a week, that’s not very convenient for me," she said. Melissa also liked that the courses have very affordable prices and include a seven-day money-back guarantee.

Level of exam to go up in 2022

Not all students on Bart’s course are legally required to integrate, some simply recognise the greater freedom and security that the unconditional right to live in the Netherlands brings. Integration reduces dependence on a work visa, allowing people to set up their own business or start a freelance career.

Other advantages include access to social assistance and lower tuition fees at Dutch universities. And with the announcement that inburgering applicants will require a higher level of language skills (B1) from January 2022, smart applicants are signing up for their integration exams as soon as possible.



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