Experience the MBA Life: Nyenrode MBA Weekend

Experience the MBA Life: Nyenrode MBA Weekend

Deciding which university and program are the best for you is not an easy task. Therefore, Nyenrode Business Universiteit created the MBA Weekends so that you can experience what life would be like once you enroll in their MBA program.

MBA Weekends are two action-packed days at Nyenrode's 13th century campus with top-quality workshops & seminars, individual attention, and networking opportunities with alumni from different Nyenrode programs - everything you need to live the excitement, energy and commitment of the university first-hand.

Olga Liash from Ukraine, a current student of the International MBA, attended an MBA Weekend before enrolling on the program. "I took part in MBA Weekend together with 23 other participants from different parts of the world," says Olga.

"The Weekend had two goals: to show you what the school stands for and to see who you are. Thus, if you are be able to feel what means to be Nyenrodian, you will become a Nyenrodian yourself."

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Register today for the next MBA Weekend

During the MBA Weekends, Nyenrode handpicks potential students from all over the world as its guests. Remarkable applicants have the opportunity to fly in for free!

The next MBA Weekend will take place between May 3rd-5th, 2013.

Register today and get the chance to come to campus as Nyenrode’s guest: food and hotel included. If you are a remarkable talent living outside of the Netherlands, they might even fly you in for free!

For questions about this event, International MBA and Nyenrode Business Universiteit visit the official website or contact:
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