Excellent Dutch schools number rises to 248

Excellent Dutch schools number rises to 248

This week, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science announced the 49 schools that may now, and for the coming three years, hold the title of “excellent” school. This brings the number of schools in the Netherlands with an “excellent” title to 248 this year.

Excellent school requirements

Schools must of course first register and meet certain requirements to be eligible to receive the title of excellence. A school must also do more than just provide good education, they must stand out for other reasons as well.

For example, a school may be considered excellent because of the inspiring and motivating curriculum and teaching staff it offers. Or perhaps the school has an exemplary partnership with the neighbourhood and offers an education which fits in well with the area.

Schools must also contribute to the improvement of education by constantly reviewing the education they offer and developing this. Dutch schools may also stand out if their education is tailor-made for students.

Whether a school deserves the “excellent” title or not is determined by an independent jury. If a school is indeed found to be deserving of such a title, then the Education Inspectorate will award it.

Excellent Dutch schools

Of the 49 Dutch schools which were awarded the title “excellent” school this year, 31 were secondary schools, 16 were primary schools and two were special educations schools.

This brings the total up to 141 excellent Dutch secondary schools, 83 excellent Dutch primary schools and 24 excellent Dutch special education schools. This means that currently, 248 schools in the Netherlands hold the “excellent” schools title.

Recently, the Minister for Primary and Secondary Education and Media, Arie Slob, awarded Het Twents Carmel College in Denekamp with the “excellent” title in person. This was because of the school’s efforts to provide pupils with tailored education. Excellent schools receive a flag and a plaque, as well as the title.

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