Enhance your career opportunities in the Netherlands with an Executive MBA

Enhance your career opportunities in the Netherlands with an Executive MBA


Are you interested in studying an Executive MBA in the Netherlands but doubting if now is the right time to start? Nyenrode Business University thinks it is. In a rapidly changing world of work, with skill shortages forecast for the coming decades, now is the time to expand your skill set and empower your leadership!

Empower your leadership with Nyenrode's Executive MBA

Joining Nyenrode Business University will mean becoming part of a long-standing business community with solid business acumen, well-respected faculty, and a strong Dutch and global alumni network.

Personal development and career opportunities

The Executive MBA offers a strategic management curriculum and will allow you to experience Dutch and international business while expanding your professional network. Through the Personal Leadership Development Journey, the main theme of the program, you will also discover new things about yourself, your qualities, passions, style, and your personality.

Learn more about the program and get inspired

Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Stewardship. These are the core values embedded in all the education programs at Nyenrode Business University. In an interview series, three female participants of the Executive MBA program tell you how they experience the LES values and to what extent the education program was able to contribute to this experience.

This time around, Elaine Versloot, COO at, tells us how the Executive MBA has changed her outlook on leadership completely.

Executive MBA program

"You don’t have to be a manager to be a leader" ~ Elaine Versloot, Alumna Executive MBA Elaine Versloot

When 33-year-old Elaine Versloot entered the male-dominant tech world more than 11 years ago, she experienced that being a young woman in this world is not easy. And the fact that she didn't yet have any diploma made it even more difficult to grow.

“In my working environment, everyone set the bar at a certain level, but no one noticed that I had been at the level for a long time already. It frustrated me that I kept hearing: you need a few more years of experience first. It literally felt as if I was missing the piece of paper to validate the knowledge and experience I already had.”

To climb up the ladder, Versloot, at the time a single mom of a two-year-old son, applied for an Executive MBA wildcard. The ambitious Versloot was awarded the spot and turned her life around completely during the two years that followed. Read more.

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Nyenrode's Executive MBA is a two-year program and consists of intensive one-week modules, of which seven take place at Nyenrode's campus and three abroad. You study and work with a group of like-minded professionals to broaden your views on business, management, and leadership. Interested? The MBA starts in May 2022. Click here for more information about the program or let's talk online.

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