Do your MBA in Amsterdam and connect with European business

Do your MBA in Amsterdam and connect with European business


Nyenrode Business Universiteit recently relocated its one-year full-time MBA program to Amsterdam, bringing professionals closer to the heart of European business and trade.

As of September 2017, the program will primarily take place at the iconic "De Vijf Keizers" building, in the city center of Amsterdam (next to the Keizersgracht).

Since 1982, this international program has provided participants from all over the world with a broad set of personal and professional skills, intrinsic to the Dutch way of business - a trade embedded in Nyenrode's nature.

This one-year full-time MBA program is designed around integrated business practices that cover the most important components of current business dynamics. Moreover, it trains participants in leadership skills through activities such as coaching by alumni, career roadmapping and more.

It is thanks to this focus on personal, professional development and career opportunities, that 84 percent of participants find a job within three months after graduation.

Meet the CEO sessions 

Throughout the program, participants engage in what Nyenrode calls "Meet the CEO sessions". During such sessions, participants are presented with the opportunity and the task to develop innovative business ideas and present them to executives of companies that range from Microsoft to Philips, DSM and Schiphol.

The small class size of the full-time MBA (max. 50 students per year) allows all participants to engage in such presentations with coaching from the Nyenrode faculty.

In addition, these sessions are an ideal platform for participants to connect with the Human Resource departments of some of these companies, and to explore possible employment opportunities.

European Immersion Modules

In an effort to connect students with companies operating across Europe, Nyenrode Business Universiteit organizes European Immersion Modules, which connect to each of the business practices that build the full-time MBA.

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Participants enrolled in the 2016-2017 program visited Dublin, Copenhagen, Milan, Paris and Brussels. During some of these visits, participants developed projects for some of the largest global online companies, and for companies across different segments as well.

The European Immersion Module Paris has a specific focus on Finance & Banking. Therefore, the group visits, for example, an investment bank, equity funds and more. Participants also make use of such opportunities to connect with alumni based in these cities, expanding their network across Europe.

Beyond Europe

For participants who are eager to expand their business acumen beyond the European context, Nyenrode Business Universiteit offers Optional Developing Economies Modules to countries such as Uruguay, Mexico, India and South Africa.

These serve as an ideal complement to the tools and techniques already acquired throughout the one-year program.

Experience Nyenrode’s Full-time MBA

Would you like to experience the power of the Nyenrode Full-time MBA program based in the heart of Amsterdam and focused on Europe? Visit our website for more information, sign-up for one of our upcoming on-campus events or schedule a personal information session with our Talent Recruiter.

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