Combining work and studies during your Executive MBA

Combining work and studies during your Executive MBA


An ambitious career, long working hours, family, social life and other interests can sometimes get in the way of your goal to follow an MBA program. Finding the best combination of all of these factors is key to making the most out of your MBA experience.

Executive MBA program: Boot camp-style

Nyenrode Business Universiteit acknowledges these challenges and therefore offers top professionals the possibility to follow an Executive MBA program designed around one-week intensive boot camp-style modules every two months.

This format allows participants based in the Netherlands and abroad to fully immerse themselves in their MBA journey for short periods of time, which can be combined with personal and professional life. This also allows them to apply their newly acquired knowledge to their jobs.


In addition, the newly redesigned EMBA program now focuses on issues that leaders of the future will face, including digitalization, globalization and sustainability. This redesign responds to changes in both business models as well as the labor market.

In addition to developing strong academic skills and becoming part of the expansive Nyenrode alumni network, the Executive MBA program provides invaluable insight into tackling the problems that all organizations are likely to face as they embrace the coming wave of digitalization.

Study abroad

The 11 modules of the program are spread over a period of 2 years.

Study modules in China, South Africa, Uruguay and the USA.

To provide students with a global perspective, the program now also includes four modules abroad at some of Nyenrode’s partner universities; namely in China, South Africa, Uruguay, and the USA.

This gives those in the EMBA program the perfect opportunity to have immersive experiences in developed and developing markets.

Personal Leadership Development

The program also includes a Personal Leadership Development Journey that is embedded in each of the 11 modules. This way, participants engage in an active two-year journey of self-discovery and improvement of their leadership skills.

Become a leader of the future

This ideal combination of academic theory, practical relevance, and personal development ensures that participants make the most out of their MBA experience and generate value for themselves, their company and society as a whole.

Visit Nyenrode Business Universiteit for an Executive MBA Experience Weekend (Friday evening - Saturday morning), follow lectures, meet current participants and interact with the Nyenrode team.

Would you like to become a leader of the future? Register here.

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