500 euro reward for best PHD

The University of Utrecht has invited doctoral candidates to send in a short proposal for commissioned research before May 4, 2012.

The best proposal and presentation will be awarded with 500 euros (to be spend on e.g. a research trip or conference) and the second best with 100 euros (to be spend on books).

Your proposal may be based on your own field of research, but it can also be related to another issue.

Required information (1-2 A4)
 Your name and your PhD-project
 Short description of the proposed research
 Which group(s) outside the university may be willing and able to spend money on it and why
 Why are you the one who can carry out this research (connect it to the research you are doing now)
 How many working days you will need to carry out the proposed research and if it is research to be carried out in a group, please mention the expertise other member of the group and the time you suppose they will need.

Please send your proposal before May 4 to:
 Erna Kas E.A.J.M.Kas[at]uu[dot]nl and 
 Joost Dankers J.J.Dankers[at]uu[dot]nl

After 4 May 2012 the Humanities commissioned research network will select the best proposals and will ask you to present them on the Humanities Commissioned Research Event on May 31, 2012 (the network might ask some extra information in order to be able to make the selection).

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