Working from home this winter could cost you hundreds in energy bills

Working from home this winter could cost you hundreds in energy bills

Have you been enjoying being able to work from home more often since the coronavirus pandemic? Well, you might be worried to hear that the habit could cost you hundreds of euros extra in energy costs this winter, as gas prices rise to record highs. 

Dutch energy suppliers charge up to 4,63 euros per cubic metre of gas

According to figures from Milieu Centraal, an organisation that offers tips and insights into sustainable living, the average household in the Netherlands uses around 1.169 cubic metres of gas and 2.479 kilowatt hours of electricity every year - although these figures can differ greatly depending on what kind of property you live in, how many people make up your household, and the weather

The reality is that, regardless of where or how you live, the cost of energy is rising steadily as gas prices reach record highs. Your rates will vary depending on what kind of contract you have, but RTL Nieuws reports that, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, the price of one cubic metre of gas has risen from 80 cents last summer to around 1,74 euros now. 

In July, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) revealed that customers on a variable energy contract were paying an average of 2,10 euros per cubic metre. But, under some contracts with certain energy suppliers, customers are paying as much as 3,50 euros (Essent) or 4,63 euros (Eneco) per cubic metre. 

Going into the office could save you 190 euros in energy bills

Figures suggest that, throughout the six coolest months of the year, you could save an average of 1 cubic metre of gas per day if you choose to work from the office - and during the coldest period between December and February, you could save as much as 2 or even 2,5.

But what does that mean when it comes to your utility bills? Milieu Centraal calculates that, if you go into the office three days a week, you could save around 90 euros in heating bills this winter. Between December and February, if you pay 2,10 euros per cubic metre and save 2,5 cubic metres per day by working from the office, you could cut your energy bill by almost 190 euros during the coldest months. 

These figures rise by around 10 percent if the winter is an especially cold one, and can double if your house is poorly insulated.

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