Start-up school in Amsterdam to foster refugee entrepreneurs

Start-up school in Amsterdam to foster refugee entrepreneurs

A pre-start-up school called DELITELABS in Amsterdam has launched a programme for refugees in the Netherlands. It is the first of its kind, and is currently looking to recruit entrepreneurial lecturers on a pro-bono basis to teach a group of refugee’s skills to open their own businesses.


DELITELABS is a non-profit organisation that provides refugees, locals and recent migrants entrepreneurial support through training education, mentoring and incubating promising start-ups.

Courses of almost 1.120 training hours and 50 lecturers have already been attended by more than 100 students. 

The entrepreneurial refugee

As a refugee, it can often be difficult to gain access to most courses on offer failing to have the legal paperwork needed for registration, as well as gain access to professional networks. For this reason, DELITELABS is aiming to promote collaborations between refugee entrepreneurs and local professionals.

Recruiting business expertise and networks

DELITELABS are therefore looking for lecturers and mentors with professional experience in relevant industries who are able and willing to share their knowledge with a group of refugees on a pro bono basis.

DELITELABS are particularly looking for people with knowledge in business models, prototyping, marketing, finance, accounting, Dutch legislation, fundraising and other business-related fields.

What’s in it for you?

Whilst each position would be voluntary, the role would allow the lecturer to hone their skills as a professional trainer, creating not only a social impact but they will be working with a promising group of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Lectures and mentors will have the opportunity to share their expertise and stories with talented refugee entrepeneurs who are keen to venture out into the business world of the Netherlands.

Sign up to become a mentor or lecturer at DELITELABS website

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