[Press Release] Foreign investments in the Netherlands

Foreign investments in the Netherlands bring in 4.300 jobs | NFIA annual results for 2011

More than 4.300 jobs, 1,47 billion euros in investment pledges, and 41 international headquarters, especially in the city of Amsterdam. That is the result of the work by the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) in 2011. In total, the NFIA brought 193 foreign investment projects to the Netherlands in 2011.

Minister for Foreign Trade & Agriculture, Henk Bleker, is very content with these foreign investments: "It shows that the Netherlands still has a favourable investment climate. Companies favour the Netherlands for its position as a stepping stone into Europe, its language and educational skills, as well as its fiscal climate. And foreign investors provide direct jobs."

41 international headquarters
The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation targets large and small companies in the Dutch economy's priority sectors. In addition to such sectors as Agrifood, Water, Energy, High Tech and Chemicals, attracting and maintaining international headquarter activities is an important priority for this ministry. Around 21 percent of the 193 projects relate to international headquarters projects, consisting of 30 new operations, nine expansions and two retentions. Headquarters provide approximately 1.200 jobs. Most of these projects originate from Asia and North America. A number of examples of new headquarters in the Netherlands include Kuwait Petroleum (The Hague), New Zealand dairy cooperative Fonterra (Amsterdam), contact lens manufacturer Menicon, from Japan (Emmen), and American guitar producer Taylor Guitars (Amsterdam).

Research and development
The Netherlands is also looking to attract more companies with research and development (R&D) activities. Last year, 19 R&D projects were confirmed. One of the most high-profile ones is the future Heinz R&D facility in Nijmegen. On the other hand, smaller companies, particularly from Asia and Europe, started R&D activities in the Netherlands. 

Energy the biggest priority sector
In total, the 193 projects yield an investment amount of 1.472 million euros, and 4.358 jobs, 828 of which were related to retention. The province of North Holland was the location for most new projects in actual numbers, investment amount, and jobs. TAQA (Abu Dhabi) invested in the Bergermeer Gas Storage project between Bergen and Alkmaar in the province of North Holland. Via that investment alone, the priority sector of Energy accounts for the highest investment amount in 2011.

US remains most important source of projects
Once again the ICT sector produced the most projects and jobs in 2011. Exactly 100 projects came from Asia, followed by 50 from North America and 31 from Europe. At a country level, the USA remains the most important source of investment projects (46), followed by China (29), Korea (25) and Japan (24).

About the NFIA
The NFIA (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency) is an operational unit of the ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. The NFIA helps and advises foreign companies on the establishment, rolling out and / or expansion of their international activities in the Netherlands. The NFIA was established more than 30 years ago, and has since then supported more than 2.800 companies from nearly 50 countries in the establishment or expansion of their international activities in the Netherlands. Besides its headquarters in The Hague, the NFIA has its own offices in the United Kingdom, Turkey, North America, Asia and the Middle East, as well as a representative office in Brazil. Additionally, the NFIA works together with Dutch embassies, consulates-general, and other organisations representing the Dutch government abroad, as well as with a broad network of domestic partners.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation



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