Number of workers in the Netherlands at risk of burnout rising post-pandemic

Number of workers in the Netherlands at risk of burnout rising post-pandemic

A study conducted by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) has found that the number of workers struggling with symptoms of burnout has increased following the coronavirus pandemic.

17 percent of workers in the Netherlands show signs of burnout

In a study conducted in 2021 as the Dutch government relaxed various coronavirus restrictions, CBS and TNO found that 17 percent of people with jobs in the Netherlands were showing signs of burnout, amounting to approximately 1,3 million people. While this percentage is identical to the one recorded in 2019, it marks a notable increase compared to 2020, when 1,2 million people suffered from symptoms of burnout.

Both CBS and TNO saw a significant drop in the number of workers at risk of burnout during the pandemic, largely due to the fact that the majority of people were suddenly able to work from home full-time, saving them from having to commute in bad weather on busy roads and crowded public transport, and allowing them more freedom and time to spend with their families

Employees taking extra steps to protect their mental health

According to researchers, 37 percent of the workers surveyed said work pressure or stress was the reason for them taking time off work, while over 40 percent admitted they'd had to take measures against the stress they felt as a result of their jobs. In 2021, people working in the Netherlands were absent a total of 11 million days due to work stress.

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