Employees in financial services sector earn highest wages

There are 145.000 employees who earn 100.000 euros or more annually in the Netherlands, most of whom work within the financial services sector, the CBS has revealed.

Average wage

The average annual wage of an employee in the Netherlands is 31.340 euros, based on the total of 7,9 million employee jobs in the country. However, 4,7 million of these employees earn less than the average wage - 59 percent of the total workforce.

Out of the 145.000 who earn 100.000 euros or more annually:
 126.000 earned between 100 - 200.000
 16 thousand between 200 - 400.000
 3.000 employees were in the top bracket, earning 400.000 euros or more a year

Financial services sector

The highest earners continue to be dominated by those employed in the financial services and banking sector.

More than eight percent of jobs available in this sector remunerate employees with 100.000 euros or more, although this does include earnings made from bonuses.

Employees working in specialist business services, such as lawyers and legal services in the Netherlands, also enjoy higher wages, with six percent of positions held remunerated with 100.000 euros or more.

Older men

Men aged 45 years and above constitute the largest category of employees earning 100 thousand euros or more annually. Five percent of the group fall into this earning bracket, equating to 86 thousand jobs. Only 16 thousand women earned the same wage in 2011.

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